Inflatable Maverick

Measurements (large):

  • Total length: 42.5 cm
  • Total usable length: 36 cm
  • ⌀ of shaft (largest): 8.2 cm
  • ⌀ of (smallest): 5.7 cm
  • ⌀ of medial ring: 7.3 cm
  • ⌀ of tip: 6.5 cm
  • ⌀ of head (deflated): 5 cm
  • ⌀ of head (inflated): 8.7 cm

Open sky. Endless fields. Sun, and the scent of grass and straw: That's what you get when you go out to farm country. But that's not all! You also get all those healthy studs, hardened by work and play, who are always ready to take a little plow job on the side. This strapping lad especially is more than ready to show a city-slicker how quick and thorough he gets the job done. All you need to do is to call him over, and he'll take you on a wild ride you'll remember for a very long time.

Introducing Maverick! He might not have time to pull his jeans down entirely, but the detailed zipper texture right at the base of his skin-textured horse cock is just the reward you want after getting past his rounded head, his thick medial ring, and all the way down his gradually thickening shaft! Modelled with a realistic jean texture stubly wrapping around the cloth-clad balls at the base, he's one of the finest specimins of his equine heritage, and a truly unforgettable companion in pleasure.

Design © Akifu Toys

"I fear no man, but this thing.... scares me."