About Us

Akifu is a joint venture between two good friends that started in 2015. Sharing a love of making things and making people happy, the two discovered the skills shortly after meeting one another that would eventually make up Akifu Toys. One half of the team - The Engineer - is a large figure cloaked in mystery, the only evidence of whom are the toys produced from deep within his silicone forge and the strongly worded suggestions returned on scraps of paper through the mail chute. The other half is seen all too often; The Designer is the one drawing up (often ridiculous) designs and blueprints for new toys, meeting people outside the workshop and doing his best to make connections with other hard-working independent cock smiths.

As Akifu has grown, so has the proverbial team; while the main two have kept themselves firmly at Akifu's backbone, others have come along and imparted invaluable resources, time, and effort towards helping it become a bigger and better endeavor. From occasional off-site designers to artists, from web developers and critics, all coming together under the Akifu umbrella for a better, safer, and more exotic future in pleasure.

While the designs may come primarily from England, the workshop itself is based firmly in the heart of Germany, which is where all final products are shipped from. Boxes are always discreetly packaged, and our company name is never on the package itself; this keeps prying eyes in the dark as to its contents.

How to Order

Clicking on the link on a toy's page will take you to our etsy shop, where you can place your order.

Or, you can simply send us an email, and tell us what you want - and we will get back to you!

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