Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you make a custom colour split?

A: Absolutely. Any two colours can be put together, for better or worse, and we’ll try our best to make the split in a place you ask, if you ask for any specific place. A good example of this is “black base with a white shaft”. This is not always done perfectly, since everything is made by hand, but we’ll try our best!

Q: Can you make a custom shape?

A: Probably! Some of our best toys come from the imagination of customers who come to us with a specific shape in mind. We tend to judge this by a case-by-case basis, so we will tell you if a shape needs changing slightly in order to be feasible, or if it simply won’t work. All in all, if you have a special shape in mind, let us know so our designer can work with you to create the beast of your desire.

Q: There’s a lot of colours listed here, but how can I tell what looks like what?

A: There ARE a lot of colours - we want to give our customers as much choice as possible. As for examples of the pigments we use, we are still working on taking better pictures for each one, however this will take some time, considering just how many there are. For now, we have an image here to give a taste of what’s available! Of course, it should be said that the pigment itself will look slightly different in silicone than in powder form.

Q: What shipping company do you use?

A: As we’re shipping out of Germany, we typically use DHL. What shipping partner they use once the package is out of the country is, sadly, out of our control.

Q: How long does it take to ship?

A: We tend to have a two week creation and grace period between a toy being ordered and it being shipped. After that, it depends on where you are! In our experience, it takes about a week to get to the US, and a few days to get to the UK.

Q: How are the packages shipped? I don’t want people knowing I’m into big lizard dicks.

A: Our packages are wrapped in normal, non-big-lizard-dick-looking cardboard boxes, just as you might find if you purchased from Ebay or a similar site where wares are sold by ordinary non-deviants. Nobody will know, unless you tell them, what’s inside the box!

Q: What is the firmness of your toys?

As a default, we produce our toys with a hardness of Shore A 08. However, we can, within limits, adjust the hardness to your liking. Just contact us if you are interested in a firmer or a softer toy.

Q: What colours can I order?

You can have a look at our available metallic pigments at our colour page, however, if you’d rather have non-metallic (flat) colours, we also have Red, Yellow, and Blue pigments, and will try to mix whatever hue you desire. Contact Us and tell us what you desire, and we will work something out.

Q: I have a question that isn’t listed here. What can I do to get it answered?

A: You can always feel free to email us at, use our contact form or send a message to us via our Twitter, Tumblr, Etsy or other social network profiles!