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Draegen SweetTail (medium)

  • Diameter of tip: 5 cm
  • Diameter of first knot: 6 cm
  • Diameter of second knot: 7.1 cm
  • Diameter, shaft: 4.3 cm - 7.4 cm
  • Distance between ridges: 2.1 cm
  • Usable length: 19.2 cm
  • Total length: 25 cm

Designed by his owner and namesake, we’re proud to present our first pure dragon design as well as the first of our toys that was conceptualized by a guest designer. The Draegen is a massive toy, deeply ribbed to make you feel every millimeter of its impressive girth, and equipped with two knots to securely lodge the shaft inside you. Why not take him home and let this impressive beast show you what dragons are really good at? This toy is available in split colour, marbled texture and with a cum tube, but due to the complexity please send us a message if you'd like one of those options!

Drogger (medium)

  • Diameter of knot: 7.6 cm
  • Diameter, shaft: 3.5 cm - 4.6 cm
  • Usable length: 16 cm
  • Total length: 19.5 cm
  • Available in small, medium and large.

Drogger, inspired by both canine and lizardian backgrounds, sates many desires at once. The soft nubs behind his piercing tip hits the deep, sensitive areas inside while the knot firmly tests out any entrance it finds willing enough to try and take him.
Drogger is a toy meant for tying; his knot firmly keeps his partners in place while they wriggle and squirm in delight! Our first toy offered with the experimental cum tube, he is available in split and marbled colours, though if you'd like one of these options please let us know!

Matic (medium)

  • Diameter of tip: 2 cm
  • Diameter, shaft: 3.2 cm - 6.5 cm
  • Usable length: 18 cm
  • Total length: 20.5 cm

Pumping hydraulics. Greased metal. Vanadium steel tensing, pulsing with organic matter against the rivets fastening it down… The Matic does not boast about itself or what it can do. In many ways, it doesn’t have to - because he’s an efficient machine, designed through thousands of man hours and developed over centuries to do what he does as flawlessly as possible. Most don’t think much of what cyborgs do when they’re alone, but Matic rarely finds himself alone on a night. Why? Because what he does, he does well. Very, very well.

Golden Idol (medium)

  • Diameter of tip: 2 cm
  • Diameter, shaft: 2.5 cm - 2.5 cm
  • Usable length: 18.5 cm
  • Total length: 21 cm

Recently retrieved from the depths of an overgrown Olmec temple suspected of harboring sickly occultist services in the long lost past, this golden totem pole seems to retell its origins in the markings carefully etched into its surface...
Introducing the Golden Idol; A somewhat simple and basic shape given the detail and love that any true idol deserves. The symbols aren’t just fanciful etchings; they tell the history of Akifu’s start! Made here with a gold pigment, though any colour is available. It's perfect for use, or just for a display piece.

The Golden Idol is available in split and marbled colours, so if you'd like one of those options please let us know!

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Akifu Toys is made up of hard-working furries.

With our strange team of furries behind the conception of Akifu Toys, one thing is clear; the toys coming out of this place have something special about them: You’ll never see anything like them anywhere else.

Akifu Toys is based in England/Germany, and any orders will be sent out from whichever location is closer.

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