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Oh, the hot and steamy air that surrounds you, my friend,
It's alive with moisture and scents that seem to blend
Into the very fabric of the forest, so lush and green,
Where life abounds in all its glory, a sight to be seen.

For here in the rainforest, everything teems with life,
And the raw needs of procreation, free from all strife,
Are on full display, with the sap rising in every shoot and leaf,
And it stirs something deep within you, a sense of sweet relief.

So slowly and deliberately, you shed your garments, one by one,
Until you come across a stand of bamboo, new shoots reaching for the sun,
And as you approach, your lips start to moisten with anticipation,
And you reach out to touch the thick and swelling shafts, without hesitation.

And in that moment, a little voice within your head begins to whisper and scheme,
"Why not?" it says. "Indulge in this primal display of life's wild and shameless dream."


    Measurements (small):

  • Total length: 23 cm
  • Total usable length: 17.5 cm
  • Diameter of stem base : 4.1 cm
  • Diameter mid stem: 3.6 cm
  • Diameter of stem tip : 2.2 cm

    Measurements (medium):

  • Total length: 29 cm
  • Total usable length: 23 cm
  • Diameter of stem base : 5.6 cm
  • Diameter mid stem: 5 cm
  • Diameter of stem tip : 3.3 cm

    Measurements (large):

  • Total length: 37 cm
  • Total usable length: 31 cm
  • Diameter of stem base : 7.8 cm
  • Diameter mid stem: 7 cm
  • Diameter of stem tip : 4.4 cm

King Kazma


  • Total length: 29 cm
  • Total usable length: 23.5 cm
  • Diameter of shaft (smallest): 5.5 cm
  • Diameter of knot (largest): 7 cm

A well-stocked bar might seem a strange place for a king to hold an audience, but none can say that King Kazma is a regular regent. With liquid courage flowing freely among this modern court, anybody is free to admire the emperor's new clothes. Catching his eye might be your lucky chance to get invited to not only look, but also touch. What happens then is more a matter of rumour and speculation than fact, but perhaps tonight is the night you find out for yourself what it means to be part of truly royal debauchery.

Introducing King Kazma! This dragon has a gently sloping dragonic knot, yet pairs them with some mean nubs and ridges across the back of his tip and down the upper side of his shaft. Featuring an appropriately scaly base and prominent spines, Kazma is not one for the light of heart.

Art by the wonderful Dazreiello: Furaffinity@dazreiello

Character belongs to the owner: Twitter@King_Kazma890AD

Iristrasz the Dragon

    Measurements (medium):

  • Shaft, smallest diamenter: 4 cm
  • Shaft, largest diameter: 5.2 cm
  • Knot diameter: 8 cm
  • Useable length: 19 cm
  • Total length: 22 cm

Getting here isn't easy. Located high up in the mountains, in a deep cave and protected well by a tribe of kobolds, it's not a place where many outsiders barge in. But you seem to be in luck. Not only have you been granted an audience with the great blue beast, he seems to be in a generous mood as well, inviting you for a trade...

Introducing Iristrasz! He is a true dragon, with a wide but gently sloped knot and an appetite to match. This massive piece of draconic breeding equipment is bound to bring pleasure to those who chance upon it, and would be a perfect addition to any hoard! For those seeking the thrill of the hot dragon under their armour, or those looking for a pelvic readjustment; Iristrasz will not disappoint.

No, you may not touch his gold.

Alfie the Otter


  • Base width: 11.5 cm
  • Total length: 19 cm
  • Entrance diameter: 1.9 cm
  • Average internal diameter: 3.2 cm

Introducing Alfie! Our first ever fully penetrable toy, featuring an ancient portal we found while surveying for new and exotic shapes. Specifically designed with ridges all the way through to elicit gentle and consistent stimulation, Alfie features a pair of tucked-up legs for ease of one- or two-handed squeezing.

Tsuki the Knotty Feline


  • Total length: 26.6 cm
  • Total usable length: 24 cm
  • Diameter of tip: 3.8 cm
  • Diameter of shaft (smallest): 4.2 cm
  • Diameter of shaft (largest): 7.7 cm,
    or ~9.5cm (when inflated)

Introducing Tsuki, the newest addition to our line of toys! As a cross between vulpine and feline, this toy presents not only a series of pronounced barbs, but also a rather sizable knot which makes his partners squeal with delight. As a total premiere for Akifu Toys, we're proud to announce that we are able to deliver this toy to you with an inflatable knot, making sure that once it's in, it won't come out until you're ready.

Orun the Deer

    Measurements: ( Medium / Large / XLarge)

  • Total length: ( 26 / 33 / 41 / 49 cm )
  • Total usable length: ( 24 / 30 / 37 / 45 cm )
  • Diameter of tip: ( 3 / 4 / 5 / 7.2 cm )
  • Diameter of shaft: ( 4.2 / 5.5 / 7 / 10 cm )
  • Diameter of shaft (largest): ( 6.5 / 7.7 / 9.5 / 15 cm )

Delving deeply into the forests can be a risky venture, but stay wise, and get lucky, and you just might find the prince of pleasure. Introducing Orun, a buck with nothing to prove - because what he’s sporting speaks for itself. You might try to run or hide, but in the end, the winning move is always the same; kneeling before him, taking in his grandeur. He’s the horny guy who gives real meaning to the phrase "hard bucking", and while he might start gently, once you feel his cockring at your gates, you know you’re in for a hard and deeply satisfying ride.

Basil's Paws


  • Width: 15 cm
  • Length: 22 cm
  • Height: 15.5 cm

What do you call a mix between a feline and a dragon? A draline? A felgon? We don't know. We call ours "Basil". Here are, for your enjoyment, Basil's paws. They come in a left and a right version, and they're sculpted with broad, sinewy toes, thick, asymmetrical paw pads, and a delightfully muscular heel and ankle. What you do with them is up to you, but we do know what HE likes to do with 'em....

Made of platinum cure silicone, these paws are perfect for whatever paw-related needs you may have. As they're paws, they aren't cumtube compatible (as we really wouldn't even know where to start with that).


    Measurements (Large):

  • Diameter, tip: 5.5 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (smallest): 6.5 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (medial ring): 8 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (largest): 7.2 cm
  • Usable length: 29.5 cm
  • Total length: 31.5 cm

    Measurements (Medium):

  • Diameter, tip: 4.6 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (smallest): 5.5 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (medial ring): 6.5 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (largest): 5.7 cm
  • Usable length: 23 cm
  • Total length: 25 cm

G'day, mate! It 'ain't often ya find yerserl' eyes-deep inna big beastie's crotch like this. Y'now, if ya feelin' especially darin', ya could try and give this big fella a spin fer yer very serl'! He 'ain't known fer bein' gentle, though, so watcha fine serl' while yer goin' at it!

Dragon Rider


  • Diameter, tip: 5.8 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (smallest): 4.8 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (largest): 6.6 cm
  • Usable length: 21 cm
  • Total length: 23 cm

Click here to view the movie of Kish the Dragon Rider!



  • Diameter, tip (smallest): 3.2 cm
  • Diameter, tip (largest): 3.6 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (medial ring): 4.7 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (base): 6.6 cm
  • Usable length: 25 cm
  • Total length: 28 cm

Zachary’s member is brought to you as a collaboration with Alexej Axis (aka baLOrKIn) who created the original character and the toy design; skillfully executed by the intricate craftsmanship of the Akifu team.

Also available in a larger size.

Zachary XL

    Measurements (XL):

  • Diameter, tip (smallest): 5 cm
  • Diameter, tip (largest): 5.7 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (medial ring): 7.2 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (base): 10.4 cm
  • Usable length: 42 cm
  • Total length: 46 cm

Zachary’s member is brought to you as a collaboration with Alexej Axis (aka baLOrKIn) who created the original character and the toy design; skillfully executed by the intricate craftsmanship of the Akifu team.

Also available in a smaller size.

Kyorg Reborn


  • Diameter, tip: 5.5 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (smallest): 7.5 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (largest): 11 cm
  • Usable length: 38 cm
  • Total length: 43cm

Deep in the woods, past the elder trees and long-forgotten, decaying trunks littering the abandoned paths, a shining gold-ivory dragon lives alone. He keeps to himself, enjoying his peace... but every now and then, a traveller will wander from the established safety of the forest path and into the dragon's territory. Many of the lost travellers who find themselves face to face with this beast are quick to be filled by his pearly white treasure, and sometimes even given a second helping...


    Measurements (large):

  • Diameter of tip: 4.5 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (smallest): 6 cm
  • Diameter, shaft (largest): 8 cm
  • Usable length: 26 cm
  • Total length: 30 cm

We're proud to be able to present you this stunning piece because of the cooperation of the magnificent Nexus. He has gratefully allowed and helped us to produce this usable rendition of his character's most prominent feature. Character, design, and artwork are © Nexus.

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